Our Brand

The vision is to empower local artisans, educate customers about their traditional culture and promote the authenticity of the age-old craft of Block Printing.

It is our prime concern that you have at your disposal, products that are unique and hence we are scrupulous with our selection of designs, fabric and styles of printing.

When you shop at Paisleys & Palaces online, it is akin to you walking down the streets of Jaipur and being handed traditionally rich artworks by the artisans themselves – that’s the aim.

Ancient Meets Urban

Authenticty Made Accessible

Empowering Artisans

Homegrown Homebound

Foray into the magnificent
pattern vocabulary

Sanganeri and Bagru are the two most popular Block Printing styles of Rajasthan. Within them, you can discover a myriad of traditional printing techniques, such as Dabu, Kalamkari and Ajrakh, symbolic of the specific lands they belong to and the history thereof. We also house the Japanese Shibori style of printing, yet another marvel to explore.


outline of the motif


filling of the motif


Background of the design

Person behind the brand

Paisleys & Palaces is an idea born to Rakesh Thawani from Ajmer, who has grown up watching artisans sell their magnificent handicrafts and musical instruments, in cultural corners of Pushkar, tucked away from the touristic eye.

Evolving to work in the business sector led him to join an E-commerce brand selling Jaipuri hand made home furnishing products, as a data analytics consultant.

The realisation that the true art forms of his homeland are not easily accessible to the urban population and that artisans are often exploited through middleman for lack of a direct link to their large scale customers, inspired Mr. Thawani to bridge the gap with an online platform to connect the two.