Made of Soul

To err is human. To perfect is divine. Art - is a combination of the two. This is evident in our designs that weave together the beautiful imperfections of human hands creating art and the stunning precision derived in moments that can only be achieved through deep meditation on creation itself. Every piece you’ll find at Paisleys & Palaces is thus, Made of Soul.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Maya Jenna★★★★

I was skeptical about the first purchase. However quality of the products and delivery was satisfactory. I got delivered the product as I had seen at the website.

Sakshi Raman★★★★★

The colour & prints and very good and match the pricings. Material quality of Table covers are very good, highly recommeded.

Shyana Mora★★★★★

Fast shipping with COD. Like the quality of fabric and print. I will be Purchasing more soon.

When you shop at Paisleys & Palaces online, it is akin to you walking down the streets of Jaipur and being handed traditionally rich artworks by the artisans themselves – that’s the aim.

-Rakesh Thawani
Founder Paisley's & Palaces


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This ancient and fine art of carving intricate designs onto wooden blocks dates back to the period of the Indus Valley Civilization.
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